Providing an industry benchmark for simulation results

PSS®E is used over 140 countries and offers the distinct advantage of being one of the leading power transmission simulation and analysis tools in the world.

PSS®E is used by planning and operations engineers, consultants, universities, and research labs around the world. PSS®E allows you to perform a wide variety of analysis functions, including power flow, dynamics, short circuit, contingency analysis, optimal power flow, voltage stability, transient stability simulation, and much more.


Find your application


PSS®E supports a full spectrum of analysis across power transmission planning and operations workflows, including:

  • load flow,
  • advanced contingency analysis,
  • steady state voltage stability,
  • short circuit analysis,
  • dynamics and transient stability simulation,
  • harmonics,
  • protection and probabilistic reliability analysis.


PSS®E provides the core analysis and automation functions that are needed for the most accurate generation planning outcomes:

  • Generation planning for IPPs
  • Generation interconnection studies for ISOs/RTOs

Renewables and integrated T&D planning

Available by expanding PSS®E with PSS®SINCAL:

  • Integrated transmission and distribution (T&D) planning
  • Renewable analysis
  • Distributed energy resource (DER) penetration planning and studies