• 8 - 9 Noviembre 2022

    Webinar Series of PSCAD for Students and Academics

We welcome you to join us for a two-day Webinar Series on the Applications of PSCAD in Transient Studies within Academia held by Manitoba Hydro International, the development team of PSCAD.

This series will cover an introduction to PSCAD and its application to the study of electromagnetic transients in electrical networks. A number of application areas such as AC transients, fault and protection, transformer saturation, renewables, FACTS, power quality, as well as other power system topics are discussed with practical examples serving to illustrate the subjects. Several case studies will be applied in detail to highlight practical situations encountered by engineers.

This course is intended for students, and academics working in power systems who are interested in developing an in-depth understanding of the modern tools available for electromagnetic transient studies. Practical examples based on our consultant’s extensive experience will be specifically presented to provide a practical aspect to the workshop topics.

Session Outline

Session 1: Introduction to PSCAD and EMT (2hrs)

  • Basic understanding of the Educational licenses and their features
  • Introduction to EMT Studies and their applications
  • Demonstration of the master library, PSCAD features and models
  • Basic model development demonstration

Session 2: Application of PSCAD within specific topics (2hrs)

  • Transmission Line modeling
  • Synchronous Machine example
  • Introduction to renewable integration
  • Renewable integration studies (Solar farm)


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8 - 9 Noviembre 2022
Inicio 20:00 Fin 22:00